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Keynotes that will mark Serbian Internet Domain Day Conference

The traditional Serbian Internet Domain Day (DIDS2023) is being held on March 7, 2023, and organized by The Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS). The selected venue is Vlada Divljan Culture Center in Belgrade, Serbia. The slogan of the DIDS2023 conference is Think Digital. Two conference keynotes will undoubtedly inspire the participants to switch their minds to the innovation mode. Read More

DIDS 2021 – tenth conference but also the first (presented completely online)

Many things are changing and now we can say that we live in an age of “new normalcy”, so in accordance with that, this year’s conference Days of Internet Domains Serbia (DIDS 2021) organized by RNIDS was held completely online on March 17, 2021. We all know how important the Internet has been to us this past year, literally as a “window to the world” and a means of socializing… Read More »DIDS 2021 – tenth conference but also the first (presented completely online)

Using a .RS domain for RUST website is a natural choice!

Are you using a .RS domain for your RUST project? Are you aware of the benefits this domain extension can provide you with? If not, then you should be, but let us provide you with some insight into why exactly you should. Before we go any further, I would like to provide some basic information for those that do not know what is RUST. It is a multi-paradigm programming language,… Read More »Using a .RS domain for RUST website is a natural choice!

New Serbian Cyrillic Fonts Orto RNIDS

Somewhat of a rarity are the modern Cyrillic fonts with support for all Serbian characters so it is always a welcome event to have a new one released, and it is even better when it is totally free. Being the operator of the Serbian national domain (.RS), RNIDS has found it appropriate to provide a free gift to both the local and international Internet community, in the form of a… Read More »New Serbian Cyrillic Fonts Orto RNIDS

The most frequently occurring words ending in rs

There are 25311 words in the English language that end with RS. Imagine owning a domain name that can be read as one word. .rs is the country code domain for Serbia. It is operated by RNIDS and can be registered by any organisation or individual in the world The first number (in bold) is the number of letters in the word, to make it easier to spot the most common words… Read More »The most frequently occurring words ending in rs

.RS Domain – DNSSEC-protected

Recently RNIDS has made it possible to protect all domain names in the .rs and .srb domain space from fake DNS responses. DNSSEC allows the authenticity of the source from which the DNS response was received to be validated, as well as the integrity of the response itself. In practice this means that all those using DNS servers with active DNSSEC record validation can be safe in the knowledge that… Read More ».RS Domain – DNSSEC-protected

The .RS domain: Without downtime since it was introduced

The Serbian national domain .RS is among one of the few that can be praised for its outstanding online presence without downtime since it was introduced back in 2008, meaning its uptime is more than 3600 days and counting forward. The .RS country code top-level domain (ccTLD) relates to the international two-letter country code for Serbia, which succeeded the former .YU domain. Among the top country code domain with no… Read More »The .RS domain: Without downtime since it was introduced

.rs domain name registration


The Republic of Serbia has two national internet domains, “.RS” and “.СРБ”. The .RS domain conforms to the more internationally recognised ccTDL, whilst the .СРБ domain is the Cyrillic version, which is an IDN ccTDL. These domains are extremely important for defining Internet identity for everyone who lives and works in Serbia. The name of your Internet domain is part of your permanent, personally selected web and e-mail address, through… Read More »RS DOMAIN NAME

Life cycle of a .rs domain name

Admittedly, all of the domain names in the domain name system have a similar life cycle, and every now and then you may come across some differences. Domain life cycle explained We would like to demystify the life-cycle of .RS domains, but to be able to understand it first we need to define a few basic states of a domain, and what is happening with it at that time: Available… Read More »Life cycle of a .rs domain name

Reasons why you should be interested in acquiring a .RS domain name!

If you are still unsure why you should own a .RS domain name we have compiled a list of reasons just for you.  Local search preference The fact is, Google really likes ccTLDs because every ccTLD relates to a specific country. When you use a .RS domain name for your website you are letting Google and other search engines know that your business is targeting customers in Serbia. Avoid the… Read More »Reasons why you should be interested in acquiring a .RS domain name!