Life cycle of a .rs domain name

Why the domain backordering service is important? To be able to explain why domain name backordering service is important, first we need to talk about what happens with the domain name when it enters the expired status. When the owner of a domain does not renew its registration by the expiration date of the domain, […]


The Republic of Serbia has two national internet domains, “.RS” and “.СРБ”. The .RS domain conforms to the more internationally recognised ccTDL, whilst the .СРБ domain is the Cyrillic version, which is an IDN ccTDL. These domains are extremely important for defining Internet identity for everyone who lives and works in Serbia. The name of your Internet domain is part of your permanent, personally selected web and e-mail address, through which anyone can find you and recognise you on the Internet in the easiest possible way. The first step to building this identity and developing your business on the Internet is through the selection and registration of a personal, recognisable name for your Internet domain.

RNIDS INFO July 2015

Issue 25 of the RNIDS INFO internal newsletter brings an overview of events at RNIDS and in the local and global Internet community in the second quarter of 2015. Two major events marked this quarter: the “Pitajte.RS” educational program held on Kopaonik and the international SEE4 – RIPE NCC, organized in Belgrade. Statistics about the […]

DIDS 2015

Which Internet film are you in? This year’s DIDS conference, organised by  (RNIDS) and to be held on 10th and 11th March, at the Metropol hotel in Belgrade, will bear the slogan “Which Internet film are you in?” This  annual conference on the development of the Internet worldwide and on the .RS  domain in Serbia […]