Life cycle of a .rs domain name

Why the domain backordering service is important?

To be able to explain why domain name backordering service is important, first we need to talk about what happens with the domain name when it enters the expired status.

When the owner of a domain does not renew its registration by the expiration date of the domain, the domain goes into “expired” status.

Next 30 days, is the grace period while the domain name is shut down, but the domain owner still can renew the domain for a standard renewal fee.

Though it is possible that the owner has forgot to renew, or just lazy, but it can also indicate he may let go of that domain name – in other words he will not renew, so anyone that sees value in that domain could try to get it.

On the last day the domain name will be officially dropped from Domain database. In those first few minutes, when the domain name is availabe, the backordering service will attempt to get the requested domain name for you.

Having a backorder service on a domain name does not guarantee that you will get the requested domain name, as the registrant might renew his registration or there are other agencies which are also trying to get that valuable domain name.

The professional service has more chance to be successful, than individual that is trying to get it manually, so it is the recommended way. Having that in mind, if the service is unsuccessful in acquiring the domain name requested, then you do not have to pay.

Finally, if there are more parties interested in the mentioned domain name backorder, then you might have to participate in an auction that might be private or public, of what you will be notified by the service, so we can make all of our interested customers satisfied.