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Life cycle of a .rs domain name

Admittedly, all of the domain names in the domain name system have a similar life cycle, and every now and then you may come across some differences.

Domain life cycle explained

We would like to demystify the life-cycle of .RS domains, but to be able to understand it first we need to define a few basic states of a domain, and what is happening with it at that time:

  • Available
  • Registered
  • Expired with eligibility for auto-renew during Grace Period
  • Released 

While the domain is available for registration anyone eligible can get it and the domain is not in an active state.

Once registered, for a period of 1 to 10 years, the domain is held by the owner which is listed in the domain WHOIS record and the domain status now is active.

If the domain registrant did not renew domain registration it will go into the status “expired” while the registrant will be able to acquire it back, for the standard registration fee, within the grace period of 30 days from the date of expiry.   

Once the domain is returned to the registry, it again becomes available for registration by anyone eligible.

.RS domain backordering service

The main reason why a domain backordering service should be regarded as necessary is because usually expired domains hold significantly higher value than previously unregistered domains.

It is important to note that when the owner of a domain does not renew its registration by the expiration date of the domain, the domain goes into “expired” status and only then can a domain be submitted to a backorder.

It is possible that the owner has forgotten to renew, but it can also indicate he may let go of that domain name – in other words he will not renew, and this gives a chance for anyone that sees value in that domain to try and get it.

Having a backorder service target a domain name for you does not guarantee that you will get the requested domain name, as there may be other agencies too which are also trying to get that valuable domain name, but it will give you a much better chance than trying to register that domain manually.

Professional backorder service

On the last day when the domain name will be officially dropped from RNIDS database, and in those first few minutes when the domain name is freed and available, the backordering service will attempt to get the requested domain name for you.

A professional backorder service has a much higher chance to be successful than an individual that is trying to get it manually, so this is the recommended way.

It is important to note that the .RS backordering service does not require you to pay for an unsuccessful attempt at a domain backorder – meaning you only pay for what you get, fair and square.


Finally, if you researched your .RS domains, chose a number of them that have an appeal and value, and placed a backorder on them, you are bound to end up with at least a few of them in your pocket.

You should understand that this is a great opportunity as while backorders themselves do not cost you nothing unless successful, you will stand to gain a number of valuable domains, and you will be able to make a valuable addition to your domain portfolio.