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Reasons why you should be interested in acquiring a .RS domain name!

If you are still unsure why you should own a .RS domain name we have compiled a list of reasons just for you. 

Local search preference

The fact is, Google really likes ccTLDs because every ccTLD relates to a specific country. When you use a .RS domain name for your website you are letting Google and other search engines know that your business is targeting customers in Serbia.

Avoid the need for geotargeting

On the other hand, because your website is using .RS domain, it will receive a higher search ranking for internet users originating from Serbia than a gTLD domain name.

While a gTLD domain would need geotargeting settings because your website is using a ccTLD you do not need to rely on or worry about website geotargeting. The .RS domain is a very efficient way to reach local audiences in Serbia.

Customer trust and recognizability

While most internet users will recognize a .COM domain, by now we are all aware of the cyber dangers behind untrustworthy websites, so most of us will avoid browsing them.

The .RS domain is very recognizable with Serbian speaking Internet users, hence they are more inclined to visit such a website. Furthermore, a ccTLD informs users of how easy it will be to interact with your website, including any purchase process.

Serbian internet users are more likely to trust a website with .RS domain than any other.

Even if you own a .COM domain name, it is a very good idea to own appropriate ccTLDs (.RS, .ORG.RS … etc.) for the specific region of Serbia that are of interest to your business or company.

Besides regional targeting, a .RS domain will help you reach Serbian speaking audience all over the world.

.RS ccTLD and e-commerce

Statistics driven by expert research show that, especially for e-commerce websites, when selling online it would be best to use a familiar domain extension, hence a country-code domain is a very good choice.

Actual reasons why customers choose webshops with their country code:

  • Better shipping and delivery time (usually one or two days)
  • Same currency (no money loss due to currency conversion)
  • After sell service (local contacts for reclamation and customer services)

New (.RS) namespace with high availability

Popular domain name namespace (for example, .COM) are saturated to the point that you are very unlikely to find a suitable domain name for your needs.

On the other hand, reputable and authoritative ccTLD domains such as .RS domain can deliver high namespace availability and a perfect match for your company, product or service name.

A plethora of domain hack with words that end .RS

The fact is that it is very hard to find an appropriate domain name that is available with popular domains, which lead domain brokers to find alternatives for their domain needs. One popular alternative is a domain hack with a ccTLD extension ending. 

Some examples of a domain hack with words that end .RS are: deliveRS, drinkeRS, warrioRS, gameRS, staiRS, ordeRS … etc. These can be utilized effectively for a short, single or two-word domain that looks good and is easy to remember.

Conclusion: .RS is your gateway to a new trove of customers

From the average internet user point of view, things are a bit different and I would agree with you that users are absolutely aware of the top-level-domains, their positives, and negatives, but I can definitely say that it is a good thing.

Still, there are more reasons why you may want to use .RS domain extension for your website, but there is no denying that a .RS domain will open new Internet space for your business. Do not hesitate to make this important decision and register your .RS domain today!