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Using a .RS domain for RUST website is a natural choice!

Are you using a .RS domain for your RUST project? Are you aware of the benefits this domain extension can provide you with? If not, then you should be, but let us provide you with some insight into why exactly you should.

Before we go any further, I would like to provide some basic information for those that do not know what is RUST. It is a multi-paradigm programming language, to some extent similar to C++ though it can provide a high level of safety while keeping the performance on a high level.

Notably, RUST has been voted the “most loved programming language” in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey every year since 2016.

Why would your RUST project need .RS domain?

The simple answer is because .RS domain is perfect for branding your RUST project, more so than any other domain extension.

rust programming language

Branding is one of the most important elements of a successful project, especially one that does not receive high-level marketing attention.

That first impression you give to your target audience will determine if you stand out among your competitors, as well as a mirror reflection of what your future customers should expect from you.

A .RS domain is the perfect packaging for your RUST website, for small projects especially, it is important to have bold and confident branding that will attract customers.

How can a .RS domain help your RUST website stand out?

We can agree that RUST is still relatively new, which means that even with .RS domain extension there are very few domains registered and the namespace availability is relatively high.

Consequently, you will be able to register a perfect-matching .RS domain for your RUST project, something that is very unlikely to happen with more popular domains such as .COM or .NET or any other domain with a saturated namespace.

By acquiring a short and recognizable .RS domain you will make your RUST website stand out from the rest of the competition that has opted for a long three or four-word domain name.

Plethora or domain hacks for RUST available with an .RS domain

Looking over a list of international English words that end with .RS you will find a multitude of options for different domains that can benefit your RUST project:

  • administrators.
  • invigorators.
  • disintegrators.
  • eradicators

You are bound to find a meaningful word hack that can provide a witting and recognizable domain for your RUST application, website, or startup.

What are the legal conditions for purchasing a .RS domain for your RUST project?

Here comes the best part – there are no limiting conditions for purchasing a .RS domain, meaning anyone, including a RUST project developer, can acquire a domain with 0 issues.

Now, a small word of advice – because you are building a RUST project that is aimed at making a valuable intellectual property we must strongly advise you to enter correct personal information, as this information will be saved in the domain WHOIS record as the legal owner of the domain.

A few examples of RUST projects using .RS domains

Just like with anything else, people need to see it to believe it, so here we would like to present a few RUST projects that use .RS domains.

ROCKET is a web framework for Rust that makes it simple to write fast, secure web applications without sacrificing flexibility, usability, or type safety.

Rocket’s main task is to route incoming requests to the appropriate request handler using your application’s declared routes. Routes are declared using Rocket’s route attributes. The attribute describes the requests that match the route. The attribute is placed on top of a function that is the request handler for that route. You can find code examples on their website.

DIESEL is the most productive way to interact with databases in Rust because of its safe and composable abstractions over queries. Code examples and more information can be found on their website.

Conclusion – a .RS domain for RUST Programming Language project websites

While the example list could be longer, we are confident that no one can argue a .RS domain is the best and most natural choice for a RUST Language project considering the benefits we mentioned above.

Using any other domain extension but .RS for your RUST project will only hurt your branding, visibility, and recognizability with your target audience.