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New Serbian Cyrillic Fonts Orto RNIDS

Somewhat of a rarity are the modern Cyrillic fonts with support for all Serbian characters so it is always a welcome event to have a new one released, and it is even better when it is totally free.

Being the operator of the Serbian national domain (.RS), RNIDS has found it appropriate to provide a free gift to both the local and international Internet community, in the form of a new Cyrillic typeface Orto RNIDS.

This new typeface (font) is aimed primarily for online use (websites, digital content … etc.) as it is optimized for on-screen display. Orto RNIDS can be downloaded for free from the RNIDS parent website.

It is important to note that RNIDS has previously supported the making of a Cyrillic typeface and this is the second time they have done it, in a partnership with Tipometar organization which was also involved in the making of Areal RNIDS.

Serbian Cyrillic Fonts Orto RNIDS

is a sans serif typeface humanist style with two weights, upright or cursive (italic, slanted), unlike previously mentioned Areal RNIDS which is a slab serif typeface. We did mention that it was developed primarily for on-screen display, but it should perform equally well with printed media too.

Cyrillic Fonts
Cyrillic Fonts

Considering the current pandemic situation and the conditions arising from it, it is natural that the new typeface was presented at an online event called Cyrillic in the Digital World, where the author of the Orto RNIDS typeface Ana Prodanović (assistant professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts) gave a talk about the creative process behind making fonts, source of her inspiration for the project, and consequently everyday use for these fonts.

The Event

The event followed with Dr. Svetlana Slijepčević Bjelivuk, a research associate at the SANU (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts) Institute for the Serbian Language with a talk about the culture of language and the use of the Serbian language online.

Serbin Cyrillic Fonts - Serbian Domain Names Registration
Serbian Cyrillic Fonts

Lastly, the event ended with a panel moderated by Zoran Stanojević, editor of the RTS (Serbian state broadcasting corporation) Internet portal, with participants discussing the status of Cyrillic in the digital world.

The Panel

The focus of the panel was a discussion about the use of Cyrillic in brand identity design to be used in communication both online and with traditional media (offline).

Notable topics also include websites which not only had content in Cyrillic but also the links in Cyrillic and were on .срб domains, and the participants concluded that with the matter of using Cyrillic with online media, there are no insurmountable technical or communication obstacles, as long as we wanted to overcome them, meaning it only needs our will for the decision to do so.

Panel participants were: Igor Adamović, Creative Director, Control Creative, Vladimir Marić, Director of software company Mrežni Sistemi, Petar Slović, Innovations Director, Quantox Technology, and Jovan Turanjanin, author of the “Ćirilizator” transcription software.

A recording of the Cyrillic in the Digital World event is available on the RNIDS YouTube Channel.

More information

More information about Orto RNIDS as well as the legal conditions of use for this typeface can be found on the Tipometar license page.

Anyone interested can download the OTF files here Orto RNIDS.