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Local presence is no longer required for .RS domain registration.

It is not required to have a local presence or admin contact, in order to register a .RS domain. No additional specific requirements.
Anyone can register any amount of Serbian .RS domains.

Serbian domain names are registered in the following domain name spaces:
RS Domain Name

Intended for all interested users regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign.

CO.RS Domain Name

Intended for corporations and other business entities.

ORG.RS Domain Name

Intended for civil organizations and associations

EDU.RS Domain Name

Intended for educational institutions and organizations

  • .RS or .СРБ – These namespaces are for all interested users, regardless of their legal status, or whether they are domestic or foreign.
  • .co.rs – Intended for business users – corporations, companies or legal entities.
  • .org.rs – Intended for non-profit / civil organizations and associations.
  • .edu.rs – Reserved for educational institutions and organizations.
  • .in.rs – Reserved for individual (private) users.
  • .ac.rs – Only for Academic, scientific and research network of Serbia. (delegated)
  • .gov.rs – Only for Government institutions of the Republic of Serbia. (delegated)

Price list: register / renew / transfer

– Registration: € 24.20
– Renewal: € 24.20
– Transfer: € 24.20
– Trade /Change of owner/: € 6.80

The prices are in Euros per year.
Price per year of domain registration – there are no hidden fees!

– Registration: € 9.90
– Renewal: € 9.90
– Transfer: € 9.90
– Trade /Change of owner/: € 6.80

The prices are in Euros per year.

– Registration: € 6.20
– Renewal: € 6.20
– Transfer: € 6.20
– Trade /Change of owner/: € 6.80

The prices are in Euros per year.

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Who can register .rs domain names?
Anyone, anywhere can register .rs domain names.
Can a foreigner register a Serbian domain?
The registration of the Serbian domain is open for all to register. It is not required to have a local presence or contact, in order to register a .RS domain.
What payment options are available for domain registrations?
We accept next payment methods: PayPal , Visa , MasterCard , American Express , Diners , Discover , JCB, PIN debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, Skrill and Bank Transfer. Online credit card payment are made through 2Checkout. 2Checkout (2CO) is a payment processor that helps online businesses accept payments on their websites.
Can I add domain privacy whois protection (private domain registration) ?
Yes, you can protect your identity with Domain WHOIS Privacy during registration process or afterwards from Domain Name Control Panel.
Can I backorder a .rs domain name?
Yes you can. We offer a free domain backorder service. Please feel free to contact us for any further information or domain backordering.
Can I park my new domain for free?
After registration, your domain name will be automatically associated with a free parked page. Parked page should be visible only when your domain is using our default nameservers: ns1.istanco.rs and ns2.istanco.com. It may take up to 12 hours for a domain to start working after registration.
Is a trademark necessary to register a .rs name?
No, you don’t need to have a registered trademark to register rs name.

What happens if I don’t renew my domain?
On expiry of the registration period, the domain shall cease to be active. The registrant shall have a redemption period of 30 days in which to renew the registration of the domain name, after which, if renewal is not carried out, it shall be deleted. It is possible to renew the registration of a .rs domain name before its expiry.

Who is ISTanCo?
ISTanCo is a Serbian IT company focused on Domain registration and Web hosting services. ISTanCo is an official registrar of .RS domains and a trusted domain supplier via an automatic direct interaction with RNIDS (the governing body of .RS)

Connect to Serbia with a Serbian Domain

Serbia is the biggest country in the western Balkans and represents the entire Serbian speaking world.
.RS is the country code domain for Serbia. It is operated by RNIDS and can be registered by any organisation or individual in the world for a minimum one year period.
By registering a .RS name you can target Serbian speaking consumers who are more likely to visit a .RS site than a traditional .COM

Also there are many potential rs domain hacks. Popular examples are: ca.rs , ma.rs , drive.rs , love.rs , you.rs …

And the best of all – there are large number of attractive domains still available to register!