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DIDS 2015

Which Internet film are you in?

This year’s DIDS conference, organised by  (RNIDS) and to be held on 10th and 11th March, at the Metropol hotel in Belgrade, will bear the slogan “Which Internet film are you in?” This  annual conference on the development of the Internet worldwide and on the .RS  domain in Serbia will this time be a two day event, the first day being a regular programme for registered participants and the second day a regional professional Internet event for invitees.

The second day of DIDS, on 11th of March, will host the Regional Internet Forum, which will bring together representatives of the national registries of Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as representatives of state institutions, local Internet communities and global Internet organizations. The first session, moderated by Vojislav Rodić, will comprise both a presentation of regional Internet activities and a preparatory meeting for the forthcoming EuroDIG conference in Sophia. Moderator of the second session will be Slobodan Marković, with a discussion on the application of the multi-stakeholder model in the administration of Internet organizations in the region. The third session will comprise discussion of the use of local writing systems on the Internet and technical issues faced by Internet registries, moderated by Dušan Stojičević.

DIDS, as previously, will be free to all participants, subject to registration, which is necessary due to the limited seating arrangements. Registration of participants for the first day of DIDS begins at the end of February on this site.

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